Bulb for JIRA is a JIRA plugin which displays information about your automated tests along with your JIRA issues. It makes test automation coverage transparent even to non-technical team members.

Plugin REST services

Data import REST service

Details to use the REST service:

List tests REST service method

Details to use REST service:

NOTE: JIRA secures REST service methods with basic authentication - make sure you pass JIRA credentials of user with appropriate rights.

Setup using Maven

Add bulb maven plugin to your project


Document relation between issues and tests

Start first line of test comment with prefix “Tickets: “, finish it with comma separated list of tickets to what test relates.

 * Tickets: ZSA-4, ZSA-1
 * Create claim
 * Go to claim detail page
 * Upload claim document to it
 * Check that email has been sent to the customer
 * @see Something
public void testUpload() {

Run maven build

On next run of mvn clean install maven plugin will export rests report to file trackerTestReport.xml under the target directory.